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Day Hike Pack List

Water, H2O, Agua
No matter the distance or location of your hike, always, always bring water.

Think of food as fuel for your body. Bring enough healthy foods to fuel your body for your intended trip, plus a little extra…in case you meet a friend along the way!

Day Pack or Hip Pack
A hands-free bag sufficient to hold some essentials is always a good idea!

Proper Footwear
Don’t underestimate the importance of good socks and appropriate footwear. The terrain you are hiking will determine what footwear will keep you and your feet happy.

Navigation & Itinerary
It’s important to know where you are going and how to get home! Maps, GPS & Compasses are all good tools.

It is also very important to let someone who is NOT traveling with you know where you are headed…in case you don’t come back :-0

Sunscreen & Insect Repellant
Sunscreen…Don’t leave home without it! Bugs…good, bad, and sometimes rather annoying are in almost every ecosystem! Tick and Mosquito born diseases are REAL! The good news is, you no longer have to cover yourself in DEET to ward off those pesky buggers, there are many DEET free options available now!!!

Dress Appropriately
Layer, layer, layer! If the temp drops or weather decides to change, you don’t want to be left out in the cold! Dress for the weather, dress for the terrain.

First-Aid Kit, Multi-Tool & Fire
All may come in handy in a myriad of ways…small and easy to pack, they can save your life!

Emergency Shelter
Reflective blanket, tent, tarp or bivy. Boy Scout Motto: “Always be prepared.”

Leave No Trace
Pack out what you pack in! We have a responsibility to preserve our natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

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